We Strive For Resiliency

3 Core Principles



We want to return humans to the center of the conversation for successful company building. Providing a robust support structure around leaders will inspire greater engagement and productivity in the teams they lead


Good Leadership is Integrated

The transformation from start-up founder into effective leader is an important one that requires interdisciplinary improvement across focus areas of mental, emotional and physical health


Build without Burnout

We optimize for longevity. Our services support founders in their times and places of need, giving them the confidence and courage necessary to succeed where others might give up



Not just lip service, we’ve removed all of the barriers.

Project Atlas facilitates convenience, affordability and personalization to deliver comprehensive support to founders.

Our integrated founder support program specializes in 3 core areas:

Physical Health

Primary care, physical fitness, nutritional coaching, sleep hygiene, mind/body practices

Leadership Development

Executive coaching, conscious leadership, access to high caliber workshops and trainings

Emotional/Cognitive Fitness

Founder specialized therapy, self-awareness/mastery coaching, founder group support


Founders are already heroes
We help them find their superpowers


The 4 Phases of Project Atlas

1. Self Inquiry

Each founder will work with an assigned executive coach and participate in a 360 assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses and key focus areas of improvement.

2. Act

Pre-qualified coaches, partners and vendors step in to facilitate each founder’s growth and offer on demand support as requested.

3. Track & Share

We encourage founders to track & share data as well as their experiences along the way so we can personalize the program to their needs and maximize program benefits.

4. Reflect

Our mission is to build a high-performance center for entrepreneurship. We use rapid iteration and continuous improvement techniques to refine our program on an ongoing basis.


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Stef Goodman, MPH

Research Lead

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