Dr. Kari Sulenes

Partner, Alpha Bridge ventures - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, ATLAS

Kari is a partner in the fund as well as executive director of Atlas, ABV’s affiliated leadership platform dedicated to holistic founder support.  Today, Atlas works with founders and leaders from all around the world to enhance their mental, emotional and physical health alongside leadership growth. Atlas is an expression of Kari’s grand vision to promote integrative wellbeing in our culture by starting with leaders.

Through this work, Dr. Sulenes has become an invaluable resource for Alpha Bridge Ventures not only in the support she can offer our founders, but also in understanding and evaluating the human heuristics that make up successful company teams and cultures.

Her education in clinical psychology and organizational behavior positions Atlas at the intersection of authentic human connection and data-driven success.  Her doctoral dissertation work around Organizational Factors of Self-Care demonstrated the power of intervening with leadership to drive a trickle-down approach to overall company wellbeing and success.  

Prior to her work with Atlas, Kari worked to develop programming for the YWCA. She has worked as an independent consultant to various for-profit and non-profit companies to help improve their communication, company culture, team structure, and build effective program evaluation strategies. 

In addition to her work with Atlas, Kari is a yoga instructor and founding member of Yoga X, a special initiative of the Stanford University School of Medicine to increase integration in healthcare.  When Kari is not working, she enjoys hiking and practicing and teaching yoga.